Even before COVID more than half of the city’s renters had trouble paying rent. More than 19,000 tenants faced eviction in 2019. Then COVID hit, and it got worse.

Philadelphia stepped up to help its residents, and Philadelphians stepped up to help their neighbors. Since May 2020, the City has offered two rental assistance programs that will serve almost 10,000 families!

Some of those households received assistance because of YOUR generous donations, and companies and foundations chipped in too. THANK YOU! Donations raised over $80,000.

AND WE AREN’T DONE! There is still more work to do.

Even post COVID, Philadelphia’s renters still face a long-term crisis because a high number live in poverty. To tackle this crisis Philadelphia is launching a new assistance program. This program will provide direct support to needy families to use as they see fit.

Direct assistance is not a new concept. Cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles are already using it. Research shows that such strategies can better meet the needs of both program participants and sponsors.

Philadelphia is committing seed money to help start its cash assistance program. But that won’t be nearly enough to meet the need, and the COVID pandemic has limited the City’s ability to provide more funding.

That’s where you come in. Philadelphia is seeking to raise $7 million from individuals, businesses, and foundations to support this program. That amount would enable us to serve up to 600 families over two years.

Helping tenants in need helps individual families, helps the neighborhoods in which they live, and helps our city. Please donate today.

Your donation will be fully tax-deductible. On behalf of Philadelphia’s tenants – thank you!